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fahrstil is a magazine for cycling enthusiasts, people who see the bicycle as an essential part of their lives. Without tests, numbers or tables fahrstil dedicates itself to the people and the stories behind the products. All with the aim to inspire you for your next ride. Issue #21 is the first one to be published in German and English and takes a look at different stages of evolution, development and processes throughout the history of the bicycle. 



SO FAR AND THEN BEYOND A session with the father of the bicycle: Stefan Hermes
means to meet Citizen Drais.
RED HUSSARS OF THE CLASS STRUGGLE A dark horse: Linda Rieger remembers labour
association ‘Rad- und Kraftfahrerbund Solidarität’.
A ROOT TREATMENT Back to the Future: Hans-Heinrich Pardey takes a look at what´s changing at Magura.
TRONDHEIM-OSLO FOR THE 50TH TIME Up north: Gunnar Fehlau interviews Leif Grimstveit, who participated at every single edition.
THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN Who was first? Flo Storch talks to German and European
mountain bike pioneers.
LOOK, OVER THERE... Like father, like daughter: When Volker and Zoe Marquardt crossed
the Alps.
Introducing a book project by Juergen Ghebrezgiabiher and Eric Poscher.
IRONCLAD NOSTALGIA Turn back the time: Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg – Madlen Krippendorf
shot the Isle of View at Cicli Berlinetta.
THE RETRO CON? A question of style: Why does it always have to be vintage
– asks Stefan Hermes.
ACTIVE BIKE SUPPORTERS A different kind of bike shop: Urs Rosenbaum talks about
Velociped in the Swiss town of Kriens.
THE MOUNTAIN CALLS – YES I CAN! Triumph on Mt.Ventoux: Konrad Weyhmann did what
many cyclists dream of.
NILEM BOBYLC – THE MOST SHRIMPY OF THE GREAT Under the bobble hat: S.bimbel wins the Bohemian winter cyclist some well-deserved posthumous fame.
PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE PROGRESSIVE Becoming a cycling city: Michael Ziegler and
Falk Wenzel visited Helsinki.
THE GOOD OLD DAYS Farewell: Our columnist Marbod Jaeger gets rid of his old bicycle
and his illusions as well.



1x fahrstil #21 – thus far (176 pages) 

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