#22 – 200 [ENGLISH]

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fahrstil issue 22 is called °200. And it’s not surprising in the year the bicycle ages two centuries. The „Draisine“, Karl Drais’ balance bike, was the beginning of two-wheeled mobility. And even today it is the case, when the little ones use their like-a-bikes more or less elegantly – as our cover picture shows. This 200 pages strong coffee table book has of course much more to offer – have a look:

NUMBERS GAMES  The anniversary: Hans-Heinrich Pardey reflects on what the number 200 wants to tell us.
ON THE WAY WITH BROTHER WIND  Happy feelings: It’s during their daily commute when Claudia Nietsch-Ochs and Dr. Robert Ochs discover what’s meaningful in life.
HOLY GRAVEL  Will travel for gravel: Staffan Weigel rides the Dirty Reiver – 200kms through a North-English wasteland.
BAKING WHEELS  A very special material: Stefan Weißenborn finds out why the carbon rim weighing less than 200g will probably never be built.
A RELATION-SHIP  Two on two wheels: What is riding a tandem all about? Manuel Jekel asks stokers in particular.
200 YEARS OF EXCITEMENT  A photographic journey through time: Palmeri.cc resurrects historic bicycle pictures and opens their archives for us.
HAPPINESS IN ALL THINGS SMALL  Anniversary 1: Coming from the big players BMC and Cérvelo the owners of Open deliberately keep their new company limited – Simon Joller reports.
IN THE UNIVERSE OF PARTS  Anniversary 2: Whose bike doesn’t include a part from Cosmic Sports? Florian Storch pays a visit to the German Distributor
THE NORTHERN GERMAN  Anniversary 3: Carina Wolfram’s portrait of Rudolf Pallesen, a man building bikes under his brand NORWID for 25 years.
IRAN BY BIKE  Dusty roads: Lucas Bergmann & Hans-Georg Moll in a mutual interview about an exhausting journey
IMPRINT  All the names at a glance: Team, contributors, legalese, music and liquor.
PULS 200  Isle of view: Rainer Kraus presents the face of sports – mared by performance testing.
NIGHTSHIFT AT THE TECHNOSEUM  A night watch at witching hour: In a museum in Mannheim Fausto Coppi rides an e-bike, and author Jay Glückstadt misses his train.
ESCAPE ATTEMPT ON A NEW LEVEL  Virtual road racing: Osenberg crashes into a wall unit and our columnist Marbod Jaeger is left wondering

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